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Atlanta Bands Worth Seeing

ATL Collective Group

This rotating cast of high-caliber players revisits classic albums. A simple premise and a blast from the past rooted in the present. | more...
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Rose Hotel Group

A rising force of nature on the city’s singer/songwriter scene. Rose Hotel’s songs blend soft rock, folk, and indie sensibilities creating a delicate yet powerful and evocative ambiance.

| more...
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Michelle Malone Group

Any number of Michelle Malone’s songs could find a home on the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack. This free spirited rocker plays with unmatched raw energy and a vibe that switches from calm to fierce as fast as a summer storm. | more...
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Rock*A*Teens Group

The Rock*A*Teens are a long-standing bastion of the old school Cabbagetown sound. Crafting a dreary-happy atmosphere that aligns the group with the spectre of now mythic acts such as Smoke, the Opal Foxx Quartet, the Jody Grind, and more, Chris Lopez and Co. have been cranking frazzled songs from th... | more...
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Fuiste Group

Fuiste’s instrumental music is fast-paced and proficient. The band loves complex riffs and rhythms that will mystify some and bewilder others. | more...
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Tiger! Tiger! Group

Tiger! Tiger! plays confidant, sage-like garage rock that instills a healthy amount of fear into your heart. This show is the LP release party for the group’s latest album, Backing the Wrong Horse. | more...
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2 Chainz Group

Atlanta-based rapper 2 Chainz has been a local celebrity since 2010, originally making the scene as Tity Boi before going solo and changing his name to 2 Chainz. In 2012, 2 Chainz hit it big with a record he released on Def Jam called "Based on a T.R.U. Story". 2 Chainz is a big Atlanta scene maker. | more...
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Lunar Vacation Group

A Young and Dreamy Pool Rock band. Lunar Vacation takes listeners on a calming trip through time and space. The young quintet spins a lackadaisical iteration of dreamy pop while using simplicity and ambient qualities to their advantage. Far out. | more...
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Twin Studies Group

If beautiful vocals and trancelike instrumentals to the tune of a shoegaze haze are your thing, Twin Studies is for you. | more...
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New Madrid Group

New Madrid has mastered the ability to put out a large yield of music of the same genre without repeating itself or sounding derivative. The Athens group’s music is filled with plenty of room to roam around. | more...
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Indigo Girls Group

The Indigo Girls? airy vocals, gorgeous harmonies, and lyrics have always embodied quintessential folk. Amy Ray and Emily Saliers are currently supporting their latest album, Indigo Girls Live with the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra (Rounder Records). | more...
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Jaye Newton Group

Hometown rapper Jaye Newton commands chill beats matched only by his silky smooth lyrical flow. | more...
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Drivin’ N Cryin’ Group

An Atlanta Southern Alternative Rock Institution. With 16 albums under their belt, Drivin’ N Cryin’ has been a fixture of Atlanta’s alternative, country, and Southern rock scenes since 1985. Frontman Kevn Kinney has a lot more character than you do,

and probably a lot more grit too.

| more...
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Combichrist Group

An old-school Atlanta Industrial Rock staple. Combichrist kinda looks like an I.T. guy’s mid-life crisis. But the mascara-clad ensemble does scare up some goodtime goth/industrial jams for the dance floor. Break out the fishnets and the gas masks. It’s about to get freaky in here. | more...
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Adron Group

Adron’s voice embodies summertime magic with a blend of Brazilian Tropicália and Motown soul. Her sounds are sultry and sweet, and she whistles like none other. | more...
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Fantasy Guys Group

Fantasy Guys crank out relaxing numbers that are great for just chillin’. Kick back and vibe with their tropical tunes. For best results listen while laying in a hammock poolside sipping on a cold cocktail. | more...
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Zale Group

Zale is classic rock n’ roll with a modern twist. The five-piece exudes raw energy that’s best when experienced live. | more...
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Identikit Group

Identikit is more like a small, focused orchestra rather than a band. Though predominantly based in jazz and swing, the group’s music wades through various genres creating the most toe-tappin’ sound in the city. | more...
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FLAP Group

FLAP have been around since ?89, wowing audiences with a wide-eyed blend of country, punk, jazz, and psychedelia. Keep your fingers crossed for them to steal the show with their acoustic cover of ?Thieves? by Ministry. | more...
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