Cover Story: Real Stories Lenn Storey, Owner Of Son's Place

Best of Atlanta 2006

The tale of Lenn Storey’s disputed claim as heir to Deacon Burton is Atlanta lore. Story opened Son’s Place restaurant in Inman Park down the block from the restaurant where the late Burton first gained fame for serving some of the city’s best fried chicken.

“We just celebrated our 11th anniversary on August 24th. We took my dad’s ingredients and just moved them from one corner to another. We haven’t changed anything, but we’ve added some things. We just haven’t stopped growing. We still use the same skillets that he used, and we’re basically doing the same thing. We have added a lot more as far as the dessert line and those types of things.

“Sometimes, it is stressful. But you just have to love doing what you’re doing, just love working with people. That’s the bottom line. I get a euphoria when the first customer comes in the door in the morning. It don’t matter what nationality or race — it’s people, people are what keeps me going.”

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