Food Issue - Around the world in Atlanta

Thursday October 21, 2010 04:00 am EDT

For the 2010 Food Issue, we wanted to highlight the incredible diversity of Atlanta's restaurants. It's now possible to eat as if you were in Korea, Brazil or Russia and never leave Atlanta. We decided that this is cause for pride, and have highlighted the places around town that feel most like foreign countries on Georgia soil. We've also picked a few spots that are firmly American, but perhaps channel another city or state.

While thinking about all the places that transport us elsewhere, I came upon the question: What feels like Atlanta? In considering that question, I decided to spend an entire day and night camped out at that essentially Atlantan restaurant, Waffle House, on that essentially weird Atlantan street, Cheshire Bridge Road. Beyond Waffle House, we're taking you from China to India, on to Mexico and then back to the South, all in celebration of the diversity that ultimately makes eating in Atlanta an authentic American experience.



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Latin America

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Middle East

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