Pair your wings with a local beer

Tuesday August 15, 2017 06:29 pm EDT

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What goes together better than chicken and beer? Pretty much nothing. Here, from the reverend of hops himself, three excellent local brews to order up alongside your next basket of wings.

Barbecue: Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy

For barbecue, you have the sweet, smoky and often spicy, so this coffee brown ale will be the ultimate wingman (ha!) boasting notes of brown sugar, hints of coffee roasts, subtle hop spiciness and a creamy texture flexing a 7.2 percent ABV to keep things lit. There hasn't been a doper pairing in ATL since Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

Lemon Pepper: Monday Night Fu Manbrew

With Atlanta's favorite wing style usually fried, tangy and spicy the effervescence and ginger notes of this Belgian-style wit will complement in all the right ways, flying side by side with your lip-smackin' flock.

Classic Hot: Creature Comforts Bibo

The Athens-based makers of Tropic??lia also brew a refreshingly crisp, clean pilsner to help scrub the tongue of the blaze hot wings will bring without demanding too much from the taste buds. IPAs and other hoppy styles will only enhance the fiyah.

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