The March edition of CL's music podcast

BAKED: Sevey, aka Gucci Guilty (left) and Willow Goldstein of the Bakery talk about the arts in Atlanta.
Photo credit: Chad Radford
Wednesday March 7, 2018 03:02 pm EST

For the March edition of Creative Loafing's music podcast, Music Editor Chad Radford and writer Jacob Chisenhall speak with Willow Goldstein and Seve, aka Gucci Guilty, who run the Bakery, a D.I.Y. arts, music, and culture venue in Adair Park. We also speak with Amos Rifkin of A Rippin' Production about all things Atlanta metal. Plus check out new music by Death of Kings, Inyo Galatea of Fantasy Guys, and Michael Myerz — live from Blossom Sounds studio. 

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