Indee Killed the Popstar sings to the heavens

Jennifer Zuiff's forthcoming EP reflects transformation through ballads and pop movements

Indee Killed The Popstar 20
Photo credit: Joseph Brown

Jennifer Zuiff’s history of classical and opera training allows for a superhuman vocal range that calls to the heavens in her blend of traditional songwriting and modern pop music as Indee Killed the Popstar. Her 2016 single, “Colors,” presents Zuiff’s isolated voice over minimalist percussion, leading a soothing, dreamlike waltz. This fall, Zuiff is releasing her debut EP, which has been in the works since 2012. It reflects her transformation, containing both ballads and pop movements. “I have been waiting to finally release this thing as a piece of myself to the world and for everyone that’s also been waiting for way too long,” Zuiff says.

She's also been working toward releasing a new single titled “Set it on Fire” (mixed by Where Are We), which finds release in easing doubts that come with loving another person by literally setting them on fire. The single is new territory for Zuiff, gravitating toward upbeat pop sounds, but preserving the same strengths that come with such a versatile voice. “The song is about overcoming great personal insecurities through finding true love, and knowing that it’s the unconditional love from that other person that will empower you with the strength to overcome any obstacle,” Zuiff says.

Zuiff’s been steadily working on her next album and plans to start a monthly live stream via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube titled “Indee and Friends.” The live stream will feature Zuiff’s music with features from other local musicians. 

Indee Killed the Popstar plays on Thurs., June 7. With Zale and Chasing Jonah. $10-$15. 8 p.m. Aisle 5, 1123 Euclid Ave. www.aisle5atl.com.

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